The Law Firm ATTORNEYS ALIAGA is an organization of legal professionals with style, with a team of lawyers specialized in different areas of law, with extensive experience in professional practice, since its foundation in 1953.

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  • Finance, Advice, Financial Advisor.


La Audiencia Nacional ha condenado al Estado a abonar 52.000 euros más intereses a un hombre que pasó casi ocho años sin poder ver a sus hijas menores por la lentitud de la justicia en […]

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  • The Bank of Spain (Banco de Espana) on Calle de Alcala in Madrid


La Audiencia Provincial de Valencia ha confirmado una Sentencia dictada por un Juzgado de Primera Instancia que desestimaba la demanda formulada por el Banco Santander ejecutando unos pagarés librados con la cláusula “no a la […]

Who we are

ALIAGA ABOGADOS is an organization that provides personalized services to the customer, allowing to identify the problem, getting the best results, in defense of their interests.

The Law Firm ALIAGA ABOGADOS has a team with great experience, because it was created more than half a century, having young blood progressively incorporated, combining enthusiasm and high qualification, being equipped with the latest technologies that provide agility and dynamism to work and deal with the customer and which add to the rigor and efficiency.

ALIAGA ABOGADOS through alliances, it offers its services throughout the national territory, and in countries like Italy, France, Portugal and Brazil.

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What we offer

Areas of work developed by this Office covering all areas of law, whether civil, family, gift and inheritance, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Administrative, Labor, Canon, Horizontal Property, Insurance, Tax, Criminal and Mediation, all this depending on the issue raised by the client or in response to the needs that it requires.

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