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In Compliance With Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), it is Reported That the General Conditions of Access and Use (hereinafter the terms and conditions Use ·) are Intended to Regulate the conditions of use and use of the website or Internet web sites located / s at: www.aliagaabogados.com and owns Aliaga Which Lawyers C / Jorge Juan, 11 1st
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www.aliagaabogados.com, it has-been developed to raise awareness and Provide Access to Information Contained in it, with the restrictions and Limitations imposed by These Terms and Facilitate and allow access to other sites you the web of www.aliagaabogados.com, have commercial, professional or any other relations.

The Purpose of www.aliagaabogados.com is: legal assistance



Through the direction www.aliagaabogados.com in September, anyone can have free access to the information Contained in the above WEBSITE.

The conditions of access to the site are subject to the laws in force at all times and to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the User, and Specifically EXPRESSLY prohibiting any action Which Might undermine or damage the Portal or third.

The site does not require prior subscription or registration for easy navigation, or to access or use some web services. On the Contrary, to Receive email alerts of new deals or discounts on Necessary signing.

That the services or contents require subscription for access or use the Corresponding Accompanied subscription notice will be Necessary. As the staff of Relates data processing, www.aliagaabogados.com see the Privacy Policy.

2.1.1.-ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS / user subscription

The mere use of the website or the confirmation of the Corresponding field in the registration process as a Subscriber User, imply That the general conditions are accepted usage www.aliagaabogados.com

Through the web of www.aliagaabogados.com, all Users will be provided the opportunity to access content, services and other information Concerning the objects of esta entity.

These conditions of use are fully Agreed Between the parties in Both the access and use.

www.aliagaabogados.com, is empowered to unilaterally amend any and all of the Obligations under These Terms of Use without notice. Also it is Able to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content included in the website without notice. The modification of any of These general conditions for a special case is valid only when it Has Been Recorded in writing and signed by the Legal Representatives of each party.

Similarly, www.aliagaabogados.com permission to access or use some of the Web services, now or in the future, May be required for access follower condition, a condition That In This Case May Be Obtained by inserting reserves the e-mail user in Users subscription www.aliagaabogados.com the box, WHO available to users so wish.

Accuracy of data

These By filling out forms, subscription boxes or like tools, the user acknowledges That the data provided are Obtained Directly from the user, true and true, pledging to notify www.aliagaabogados.com, or any Modifications Changes to Occur in the thereof.


The User AGREES to make a lawful, diligent, honest and correct use of any information or content you access Either Through the website of www.aliagaabogados.com, or with previously provided by third parties and all www.aliagaabogados.com under the principles of good With faith and respect at all times the current legislation.

The User Shall Not Obtain, except for personal use, all information (read for information as any message, sound files, photographs, drawings, software and Generally any kind or type of computer file, graphic etc. ..) Which is owned website.

Equally the User Acquires the commitment not to maliciously or intentionally cause harm or damage That Might impair, alter the website itself and not to introduce or disseminate computer viruses called · That Changes can produce unauthorized content or web component systems. The commitment has to rule on the use content in Accordance With the Provisions of law, morality and public order; not copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, alter or modify the contents without prior written consent of www.aliagaabogados.com person or by esta delegate.

In This regard, www.aliagaabogados.com, it is exempt from any kind of failure or computer virus Introduced by others.

To Comply with all requirements in September forth in relation to intellectual, industrial, and other like.

The information provided on the Web There Should be Considered at any time neither complete nor exhaustive. www.aliagaabogados.com, meanwhile will try to the best of Its Ability to Constantly update this information.

www.aliagaabogados.com Said That the service / product Offered in the web corresponds to the description. But it is exempt from liability for Those cases Where for technical or human error mistakes or variations HAD Between images, description and price. Also it was revealed Merely That the photographs are indicative and May be variations in what Their physical appearance but without undermining the integrity and performance of the service / product offered Preferred and / or Requested.

www.aliagaabogados.com, is exempt from the content, information, opinions or comments Carried Through ITS Web or liable for any use esta That the user of information.

3. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF www.aliagaabogados.com

www.aliagaabogados.com, Solely liable for the services provided by it and the contents Directly originated by the website itself and Identified With The Corresponding copyright.

www.aliagaabogados.com, undertakes to adopt the Necessary Means and Measures to Ensure the security and privacy in communications. I did not respond When the pertinent safety ADOPTED Measures, These will be harmed by external agents.

www.aliagaabogados.com not be responsible or even Indirectly or Indirectly, for any content, information, opinion or statement of any kind, Which Has Its origin in the User or third persons or entities WHO May Have access, Communicate, Communicate, try, Such exhibit or sell information to the web ownership of www.aliagaabogados.com.

www.aliagaabogados.com reserves the right to temporarily suspend the service without notice to User, as long as Necessary to carry out maintenance, upgrade or improve increase service. It May Also modify the access conditions specific location of the comprehensive content of the web as well as Prevent, restrict, block, delete or withdraw access to services for users When They do not do a lawful, honest and diligent use of the services provided on the website. In the same vein May remove, block or restrict the use of the contents posted by third parties WHO May be illegal, racist crime, apology of terrorism, violation of human rights, defamatory, pornographic, or fraud Constituting Otherwise Violating applicable laws or regulations Whether They be domestic or international.

Ensure www.aliagaabogados.com does not permanent availability and continuity of the web due to interruptions, failures etc. North liable for damages .. That May cause users by computer viruses or external agents That May third parties place on the website or in the electronic documents and files stored on the computer system.

The Website offers Users Certain tools Such as tabs, buttons, banners, links or links That allow the user to access content or other related web activity or different sites. The installation of These tools are designed to last and Provide easy navigation to the user, not responsible www.aliagaabogados.com Being part of the user accesses websites Through Which the ITS website, as far as the right to honor can and Affect the information provided . Www.aliagaabogados.com meanwhile, will try as far as possible to check these links, Restricting, suspending or blocking These buttons When offend Against the principle Described in the present General Conditions.


All the content That is Accessed through the service provided by www.aliagaabogados.com, are subject to the Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial www.aliagaabogados.com or third parties. This content May not be used, duplicated, distributed, sold, or Otherwise exploited for commercial purposes or not, without the prior written consent prescriptive holder (www.aliagaabogados.com).

Also Www.aliagaabogados.com will be responsible for trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs to be incorporated anywhere on the website and owned by www.aliagaabogados.com and holder of all rights of intellectual property or Industrial or as licensee thereof.

All contents and comprehensive parts of the website www.aliagaabogados.com Have Been included under the principles of good faith, the information indicating That May Come to the entity wholly or partially from external sources www.aliagaabogados why .com is not responsible in any way for any inaccuracy or failure to update the contents displayed.

On the Contrary all those contents from internal sources will be Properly Identified With its copyright. The company reserves the right or authority to make any Changes at any time without notice. All content included on page from domestic sources bearing the sign are the sole copyright Identifying Responsibility of www.aliagaabogados.com.


www.aliagaabogados.com, fully aware of the use and treatment staff That I Should give dates and under the Existing legislation in regard esta (LOPD and LSSICE), you Implanted Within His organization a system to preserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of data Staff considered.

This Addition to Complying in full each and every one of the requirements under the Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, and arranged in the Law 34/2002 LSSICE Guarantees to use not only legal but loyal staff data as well as an adequate system to exercise Their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition prepared in the aforementioned Act.

In Accordance With The Provisions of the privacy policy www.aliagaabogados.com, it is Stated That Their anyone can exercise rights of access, rectification and cancellation.

In This regard see the Portal www.aliagaabogados.com Privacy Policy.


These General Conditions are subject to Spanish law, Which ITS Applies in relation to validity, interpretation, performance and compliance. All disputes, claims and controversies Regarding the foregoing Shall Be Settled by arbitration of law ACCORDING TO the rules of the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration of Valencia Whose rules will be submitted. This award will consist of three arbitrators appointed in Accordance With Those rules. . If arbitration is not Conducted by mutual agreement or is Declared void, Both parties submit to the Courts of the city of Badajoz, waiving EXPRESSLY Their own jurisdiction if different.

The User declare To have read, Understood and accepted These Terms of Use-access in Its entirety.